Jewelry Care

General Instructions

Mapperri Jewelry is delicately handcrafted in the factories from the United States, Italy, and Thailand. Experienced specialists work on every step with strict standards to secure the best possible quality. Each piece of jewelry requires to be handled with care.

We recommend avoiding any chemicals except a professional jewelry care kit. Cosmetics and perfume can impact on jewelry. And harsh elements like chlorine and household cleaners severely cause dullness, color-changing, and oxidization.

  • Remove jewelry before sleep, bath, swimming, and other activities that risk physical damage. Avoid any contact with a sharp surface.
  • Please use a soft cloth for cleaning jewelry. Do not use a paper towel or stiff tissue. It can leave scratches.
  • Store metal Jewelry in a safe pouch or box. Place them separately to avoid scratching each other.
  • Pearl needs ventilation and moisture. Do not seal or store an air-tightened container. It changes its original color.


Solid Gold

Solid gold is less tarnishing metal, but they need care too.

  • Avoid chemicals – cosmetics, perfume, chlorine, abrasives, household cleaners, abrasives.
  • Do not contact with sharp surface

 How to clean

  • Solid gold requires gentle cleaning and occasional polishing.
  • Soak into the water for one to two hours, and then rub with a very soft brush or cloth. Let the jewelry dry before storing.
  • Clean with a gentle soap as needed.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners are safe on solid gold.


Sterling Silver

  • Avoid chemicals – cosmetics, perfume, chlorine, abrasives, household cleaners, abrasives.
  • Do not contact with sharp surface
  • Store in a soft pouch or air tightened bag to minimize tarnishing. 

How to clean

  • Sterling Silver requires cleaning from time to time.
  • General Care: Gently rub the jewelry surface with a soft cloth.
  • Remove tarnishing: Gently rub the jewelry with a small amount of silver polish on a soft cloth. Then, rinse them in warm water and let them dry


Vermeil or Heavy Plated Jewelry

What is vermeil?

Vermeil is heavy plating onto sterling silver. Mapperri applied same method and heavy thickness of plating onto brass as well as silver. Mapperri’s heavy plating lasts much longer than regular plating.

Vermeil will naturally tarnish over time, especially when exposed to chemicals, perspiration, oil, and dirt.

Proper care and maintenance make plated jewelry last longer.

  • Avoid chemicals – cosmetics, perfume, chlorine, abrasives, household cleaners, abrasives.
  • Do not contact with sharp surface

How to clean

  • Clean jewelry with soft dampen cloth to remove dirt and salinity.
  • For occasional care or when you get sweated, wash your plated jewelry in water and let them completely dry before storage. We recommend storing it in a air sealed bag when it is not worn to protect against the elements of daily exposure. Store every piece separately to prevent damage.



Pearls are not metals. It is made of calcium carbonate, which has deposited in concentric layers. They are delicate and sensitive.

  • Wearing is caring. Maintain the brilliance and luster of pearls by wearing them often.
  • Ventilation and moisture in the air are good for them. They can crack when stored in an arid condition.
  • Do not dampen into water.
  • Do not seal or store an air-tightened container. Lack of ventilation changes their original color.

How to store

  • When you wear often: store pearls in a soft cloth pouch or safe tray. Do not seal in the plastic bags.
  • For longer storage: make sure it is exposed to the air. Take them out occasionally.

How to clean

  • Gently wipe with a soft cloth like the one used for glasses/sunglasses.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners or polishing cloths.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners.



  • Mapperri’s gemstones are genuine mineral stones.
  • Gemstones have varying degrees of hardness. Avoid sharp edges or physical impact. 
  • Many colored gemstones should be away from intense exposal of
    • Intense sunlight
    • Saltwater
    • Perspiration
    • Cosmetics
  • Any harsh chemical composite, including chlorine (ex. Swimming pool water)

How to store

  • When not being worn, store your jewelry in a safe, dry place to protect it from the elements of daily exposure.

How to clean

  • Do not use steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners on colored gemstones as they can damage or permanently discolor these stones. Rubies and sapphires can be gently cleaned in warm water using non-detergent soap and a soft-bristled brush.