Size Guide


Necklaces vary by chain length. The circumference of your neck, the thickness of the chain, and the size of the pendant will impact how your necklace sits.

Mapperri necklace sizes are the actual length of each necklace. If you have a necklace you like, we recommend referring to its measurement to find your desired length.

Check the Necklace Size Chart


Mapperri bracelets refer to the actual length of each bracelet. Measure your wrist circumference with a touch of breathing room as you want. The room varies depending on the styles of the bracelets. A chunkier design may fit smaller, whereas a slimmer design fit bigger due to the thickness of the chain. Then choose the closest bracelet sizes.


Mapperri ring sizes follow the United States ring measurement standards. Finger size can change depending on the weather and time of the day. Measure your finger at different times and days for the most accurate measurement.

Method 1.

Measure the circumference of the finger you would like your new ring to sit on. Find the ring size from the conversion chart.

Method 2.

If you already have a ring in the right size, you can measure the diameter with a ruler and find the ring size from the conversion chart. 

Method 3.

If you know your ring size in other standards (Europe, UK, Japan), simply find the conversion size from the chart.

Check the Ring Size Chart


Mapperri provides earring sizes in Inches and Millimeters. Please check the product details for more information about the specific product.