About Mapperri

"Mapperri chase the essence of sentiment and sensuality, a celebration of form meant to endure as much as to enchant"

Founder of Mapperri




At Mapperri, we are committed to the ethical sourcing of our materials, ensuring that each piece of jewelry is as responsible as it is beautiful. We strive for sustainability throughout our production process, embracing small-scale production and made-to-order practices to minimize waste.

Our silver products, adorned with a layer of 18k gold, receive an additional coating to protect against tarnish. For a sleek, durable finish, our white silver pieces are plated with rhodium, enhancing their luster and strength.



Mapperri’s jewelry comes to life at the hands of skilled artisans in New York and through esteemed partnerships with workshops in Italy and Thailand—regions noted for their expertise in gold and silver craftsmanship. By producing locally, we support our community and commit to sustainable practices that reduce waste and resource usage.

For our international production, we hold our partners to the highest standards of ethical practices by ensuring they are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). This certification guarantees a transparent and trustworthy production process, adhering to the RJC's strict guidelines for social, ethical, human rights, and environmental practices within the jewelry sector.