Our Commitment

At Mapperri, we take our responsibility to the planet seriously, striving to minimize our environmental impact while delivering high-quality products.

To achieve this, we prioritize traceability and transparency, which are key to preventing negative effects on both the environment and society. We have established strong partnerships with reputable manufacturing partners who are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The RJC sets stringent standards for social, ethical, human rights, and environmental practices in the jewelry industry.

We are proud to incorporate recycling into our operations, particularly in our packaging. Our packaging materials are sourced from FSC-certified manufacturers, utilizing recycled materials for both packaging and shipping.

As a brand committed to sustainability, we continuously strive to maximize the traceability of our materials. Additionally, we actively increase the use of recycled silver, gold, and packaging materials to minimize our impact on the planet and contribute positively to society.