General Care Instruction


Mapperri Jewelry is delicately handcrafted by experienced specialists who work on every step with strict standards to secure the best possible quality. Each piece of jewelry requires to be handled with care.
We recommend avoiding any chemicals except a professional jewelry care kit. Cosmetics and perfume can impact on jewelry. And harsh elements like chlorine and household cleaners severely cause dullness, color-changing, and oxidization.


  • Remove jewelry before sleep, bath, swimming, and other activities that risk physical damage. Avoid any contact with a sharp surface.
  • Please use a soft cloth for cleaning jewelry. Do not use a paper towel or stiff tissue. It can leave scratches.
  • Store Jewelry in a safe pouch or box. Place them separately to avoid scratching each other.
  • Pearl needs ventilation and moisture. Do not seal or store an air-tightened container. It changes its original color. Maintain the brilliance and luster of pearls by wearing them often.

For more detailed care instructions for each material, please check Jewelry Care